Photo-shoot in Runcorn For Classic Screen


Recently I was asked to do a photo-shoot for a business in Runcorn called Classic Screen. They are a company that makes srceen printing equipment, they are a small team of locals that have lots of knowledge about the screen printing industry. My job was to photograph the guys working at their job to show clients how the equipment is used, once those shots had been done then I was asked to photograph their products which are being sold on their website.

The building which the team work form is a converted church, it did make for interesting features for the photography. Also the building was a business which needed to continue making products as we did our photo-shoot, there was equipment and materials all around and this could of madeit more difficult to create images which look professional. The way to shoot this was to keep a consistant style of shooting with shallow depth of field, this is where the main subject is in focus and the background is out of focus. I used f4 mainly and I had my studio flash equipment set-up to control the light direction for each photograph.

The clients and the marketing company let me know that they are happy with the commercial photography that we produced for them, it is always good to have positive feedback from the clients. Let me know what you think about the commercial photography and if you want any topics tobe mentioned in our blog. Thanks for reading.

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