Preston Product Photography, providing images across the Northwest

Hello again,

Recently I have done a Preston Product Photography commission, Northwest England for anyone who doesn’t know where Preston is. I was asked to do some invisible mannequin photography of clothing which is to be used on an e-commerce website. It is a photography service that we offer and are happy to take on.

There is a trick to getting the invisible look, firstly you photography the clothes on a normal mannequin, then you turn the clothing inside out and photograph the the mannequin again. You take the two photographs into Photoshop, you use the entire photograph of the front normal mannequin image but you only use the neck line of the rear or inside out image, using high level retouching skills you combine the two photographs together. Simple…

If you have an e-commerce business and you need premium product photography than please get in touch and we can talk about your images needs, I hope you enjoyed reading about my photography services.