Food Photography Liverpool, Northwest Commercial Photography


Today I will show you some commercial food photography, Liverpool is a great place for creatives to work, I have been reading articles and blogs about how highly Liverpool is rated in creatives circles. I Have the pleasure of being in the creative industries and I get to work with other creatives. This food photography shoot was one where a Liverpool Marketing company approached me to shoot for a local Liverpool restaurant.

The shoot consisted of photographing interior shots of the restaurant, I did a range of wide angled shots and some close up details. We then set up for the food photography, I had an idea of how the images should look. I did some test shots first to make sure everything was looking good. I decided to go for a shallow depth of field to focus on the food, the background goes out of focus but you can still tell what is there on some images.

The best image in my judgement was the image of the Sea bass on a vegetable soup, I love the texture of the cooked fish and the colours of the soup work so well. This is one of my best food photography images and I am very proud of it. Please let me know what you think of Pack-Photo’s photography, and if you require food photography for your business please get in touch and we will be happy to talk about your image needs.



liverpool food photographer
liverpool food photographer