Construction Photography Liverpool


Recently we were asked to photography a project which involved the contruction of a new lecture theatre at the University in Hull, we are based in Liverpool but we do have photography commissions around the country. The construction work was just being finished and was looking really impressive, the look of the building was going to be a factor in making some great photography.

We have bought some new photography equipment for our architecture photography services and this was our first opportunity to but it into use on a commercial project, we have a new Tamron lens for our Nikon cameras, it’s a 15-30mm F2.8 VR ultrawide angle lens. The lens has great reviews and is excepted as the best ultra-wide angle lens out of any of the camera brands, I wouldn’t wait to see how it was going to perfrom, and it didn’t let me down. The results from the lens speaks for itself, it helps to capture the entire room, sharp and contrasty images, very happy with the results.

The huge ceiling that had been put in the theatre has given the image a dramatic impact, the students who study there are fortunate to have such a facility in which to study, reminds my of my students days in Blackpool, the degree course had an international reputation but the facilities are noton this level.

Please make a request if there is an aspect of commercial or architecture photography you would like to hear about.