About Us

Pack Photo

Who we are

We are a leading Liverpool Commercial Photography business producing high end imagery including Commercial, Product and Food Photography, working in the Northwest and across the UK.

Our Services

Pack Photo specialises in specific types of commercial photography

Studio Photography

Studio photography for businesses, individuals looking for corporate headshot photography. Portrait Photography, Marketing for online and advertising.

Product Photography

If you want to make your products more desirable to your customers and increase your sales, Pack Photo can help by providing professional product photography to make the products look their best.

Food Photography

Food and drink photography for restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. Mouthwatering photography making your food and drink look their best.

Architecture Photography

We create stimulating and outstanding photographs of interior and exterior architecture which results in inspiring photography that shows the buildings features at their best.


  • The resulting photos far exceeding our expectations”
    Christelle Hart, Nictel
  • “The photography service was excellent, we are happy with the images as they are high quality. The turnaround was speedy and overall a very positive experience.”

    Philomena Abang, Veterinary Surgeon

  • “The work that Pack-Photo has done for our company has really made an impact on the way customers resond to our products when visiting our website.”
    Jordan Pilkington JK Composites

Prices for Photography Services

We use an hourly rate to show customers clearly how much high quality photography costs.
£70 per hour for the photo-shoot
£20 per hour for post-production work.
Any expenses will also be added to the costs, this could be travel costs, hotel costs, props, location hiring, etc.
3 hour photography shoot £195 Quality level (stage 1) post-production, 3 hours £60
Total £255
3 hour photography shoot £195 High quality level (stage 2) post-production, 8 hours £160. Travel costs £20
Total £375
The amount of time needed on a shoot is dependent on the type of photography required and the set-up changes needed, and on the number of final images required. Please call or email for a quote. All of the photography services comes with 3 media usage agreements with no time limit, this means you can use the photography images on all your social media and on your website and on your leaflets for as long as you like, other media uses could be in magazines, TV, billboards, etc. If you need more than 3 media uses for you image needs then please ask and will will be happy to talk about your options.

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